How Nebraska Realty Helps You Sell Your Home

How Nebraska Realty Helps You Sell Your Home

We are a forward thinking realty company, 为客户提供专业友好的服务, 以及满足房地产需求的常识解决方案.

Nebraska Realty is a locally owned full service real estate company with over 700 associates to choose from to help you sell your home. Marketing plans and fee structures may differ slightly depending on the individual REALTOR®, the condition and salability of the property, and unique needs of the client. This kind of flexibility for REALTORS® is one thing that makes Nebraska Realty very different from most other companies in Omaha. We are a forward thinking company, 为客户提供专业友好的服务, 以及满足房地产需求的常识解决方案. We will always be honest, we will never nickel and dime, 我们为我们的客户和我们的REALTORS®提供最新的工具, resources, 以及帮助他们以最快的速度和最多的价格卖掉房子的服务.

The Most Powerful Marketing Tools

在今天的房地产行业最有效的营销选择是通过MLS, website exposure, and good old-fashion signage. 超过90%的购房者会因为这三个原因之一找到房子. This is one reason that it is crucial to use a REALTOR® to help sell your home because two out of three of those options can be accessed only through partnering with a real estate company. 然而,并非所有的公司或代理商在这些领域都是平等的. 从这些强大的营销工具中获得真正的利益, there is a lot of time, money, 以及正确展示房产的专业知识, 并将房产交付给尽可能多的潜在买家. Nebraska Realty understands this, 这就是为什么我们要花这么多时间来开发这些工具, 培训我们的同事如何最有效地使用它们.

MLS Exposure

The Multiple Listing Service is a comprehensive database of homes that are currently for sale, are under contract, have sold, or were listed but never sold. There are over 150 companies with over 2500 REALTORS® that belong to the Omaha Area Board of REALTORS® and have access to the Great Plains MLS. 当房产被OABR成员的经纪人“挂牌”时, it is generally input into this database so that all REALTORS® have access to the information about these properties. When a REALTOR® is working with a buyer, this is where they will go to find available properties for sale that meet the buyer's criteria.

Website Exposure

Your listing will appear on all of the top local websites, and top national real estate websites. 事实上,你的名字会出现在100多个网站上! According to the National Association of REALTORS®, over 85% of all buyers search for a home on-line. By providing maximum website exposure, you can rest assured your property is being seen by anyone that is doing their home shopping on-line.

Syndication & Preferred Placement

让你的房产出现在大量的网站上是很棒的, 但如果你在奥马哈地区的房子是以海滨公寓为卖点的.com, it doesn't do much good. 一些公司会吹嘘他们联合的所有网站, 但这些网站中的许多都与那些搜索你的家无关. 我们是非常有选择性的网站,我们允许接收我们的清单提要. Nebraska Realty seeks out the best, most trafficked real estate websites to promote our listings. We even have marketing arrangements with certain websites that allow Nebraska Realty listings to show up first before other companies' listings, as well as, 小工具,不断滚动内布拉斯加州房地产清单.

NebraskaRealty.com已经成为奥马哈地区最受欢迎的房地产网站之一. We designed with one thing in mind, the consumer. People go to real estate websites to primarily look at homes so we wanted our website to have all of the things people look for like great search tools, lots of photos and video, all Omaha MLS listings, and helpful information, but in a easy to use format. 我们相信我们有奥马哈地区最好的房地产网站, but we are always working hard to improve.

然而,一个网站的好坏取决于你给它带来的流量. 它变得越来越具有挑战性,以跟上复杂, but crucial search engine optimization that ensures your website is one of the first to appear when someone is doing a general search. At Nebraska Realty, we spend a considerable amount of time and money through web-based marketing and traditional advertising to drive as many potential real estate consumers to as possible. This helps ensure maximum exposure for your home.

Trained Professionals

Nebraska Realty offers more personalized education for our REALTORS® than any other company in the Omaha area. 这意味着你将有一个熟练的专业人员来帮助你通过定价, marketing, buyer qualification, contract negotiation, inspection, financing, title, and closing process of your home. 我们每年为员工提供大约250个培训课程, and we teach over 100 different class topics. 课程一般由经验丰富的顶级地产经纪人教授, 或者他们领域的行业专家,比如融资, home inspection, and new construction. We are always revamping and adding new classes to keep up with today's real estate industry. This is crucial because marketing techniques, communication, contract language, 买家和卖家的期望一直在变化.

Fastest Average Market Time

从2004年我们开始跟踪市场时间统计数据开始, 内布拉斯加州房地产公司(Nebraska Realty)每年在市场平均天数最低的竞争中处于领先地位. Statistics were generated directly from the MLS for sold residential homes during each calendar year. 比较的依据是每年销售至少200套房源的公司.

Professional Signage

In today's real estate industry the overwhelming majority of buyers for your home are going to be found through the MLS and the internet. 第三个最好的营销选择仍然是好的老式标识. Whether it is a standard yard sign, a banner, 或是开发或商业地产的大标志, 您的REALTOR®将为您提供一个高质量的专业外观标志. 你的星座一定会引人注目. 您的REALTOR®还可能提供方向性标志,以引导更多的交通到您的家. There are some restrictions in certain areas so talk with your REALTOR® for more information. 你可以为内布拉斯加州房地产公司的名字而自豪, as we are a great locally owned full service real estate company with the reputation for friendly people and giving back to the community.

Additional Marketing Options

Every seller and their property are different. Some may require additional, more traditional marketing to offer added exposure for the home. Your REALTOR® has his or her own marketing plan, 并将能够给你的想法,哪些营销选择是对你的家, 并解释哪些方法可能或可能不是最有效的. 您的REALTOR®可能提供其他选择,包括开放房屋, real estate magazines, newspaper, TV, e-marketing, flyer or post-card distribution, reverse prospecting, and more. 并不是每种营销方式都对每个家庭有效. 咨询您的REALTOR®,以确定最适合您的选项.

Communication & Feedback

One of the most crucial parts of selling your home is choosing an agent that will stay in regular communication with you, and provide HONEST feedback. 你最不想要的就是一个只会说你想听的话的特工. 你需要选择一个能为你提供通讯计划的代理, 这概述了他们反馈的方法和时间. 房地产经纪人工作的很大一部分就是为客户获取反馈, and communicate that efficiently and effectively. 如果你的房子有几次展示,但没有报价, 这是一个迹象,表明有些东西可能需要改变. It may be price, condition, or some other factor, but you need to know in order to make that change because the longer your home sits on the market, usually the less money you will receive. 我们的同事明白良好沟通和诚实反馈的重要性. We believe these two factors have played a key role in our company leading the competition in lowest average days on market for several years in a row.

Price the Home Correctly

Our associates will prepare a comparative market analysis (CMA) for you that will give you a unbiased professional opinion of what the market would be reasonably willing to pay for your home.

卖房子最重要的一个因素就是正确定价. The absolute worst thing you can do is to over price your home, especially in a buyer's market. Generally you will end up getting less for the home than you would had you priced it correctly to begin with. Our associates will prepare a comparative market analysis (CMA) for you that will give you a unbiased professional opinion of what the market would be reasonably willing to pay for your home. 他们会给你一个诚实的评估你的房子的价值, 这很难做到,因为人们爱他们的家, 有时对自己房子的真正价值有不切实际的期望. Be leery of companies or agents that tell you they can sell your home for more than "that other company." The industry term for this is "buying the listing." Agents sometimes try to inflate the price to ensure you will like what you hear so you will give them the listing. 他们也试图这样做,以证明更高的佣金率. Don't fall for this trap. 总是要求查看他们用来确定价格的数据. 房产经纪人对你的房产价值的看法可能略有不同,这是正常的. 你只是想关心那个比别人都高的人. 我们的同事会给你一份类似的房屋销售清单, and market stats so that you can see how they arrived at the suggested list price for your home.

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